For the ninth consecutive year, Fibank (First Investment Bank) champions a charitable cause through its luxury calendar for the upcoming year 2022. On the last day of November, the calendar was presented before a select audience at Peroto Literary Club in the capital Sofia.

This year its cause is to support the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation (BRGF) and the idea for sustainable development through research and preservation of Bulgarian varieties of fruits and vegetables. The latter task is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set up by the United Nations General Assembly, aimed at geographical biodiversity and reduction of the carbon footprint and damage to nature from the use of pesticides.  

The 2022 calendar features a fascinating concept. It combines the finesse, purity and grace of women and girls from the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation with typical Bulgarian fruits, vegetables and flowers, including the famous Rosa damascena (used for rose oil) that they pose with. The concept, design, processing and printing of the calendar was traditionally carried out by the team of KIWI Advertising agency with art director Elitsa Uzunova. Styling was done by Sirma Chausheva and Elena Nenkova was the photographer. Starting with the first edition of the calendar in 2013, some of the most famous people in Bulgarian sports have appeared on its pages.

"Positive, purely Bulgarian causes are very important to us! First, the preservation and development of our native Bulgarian varieties of fruits, vegetables and crops is a long-term strategic mission that will yield a rich harvest for generations to come. Along with that, we support the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics: a sport that has made our country proud in front of the whole world. Thus came the artistic idea to combine the beauty and grace of our wonderful girls with the natural symbolism of typical Bulgarian fruits and vegetables. And a harmonious common vision literally came to life!” commented Nikola Bakalov, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Fibank.

For a span of three days, the photographic lens of Elena Nenkova captured: Kamelia Petrova, Kristiana Doycheva, Suzan Puladian, Gergana Trendafilova, Maria Stamenova, Alexandra Vasileva (members of the girls’ national rhythmic gymnastics team), Stefani Kiryakova, Eva Brezelieva, Lachezara Pekova, Stiliyana Nikolova, Tatiana Volozhanina and Katrin Taseva (members of the women's national rhythmic gymnastics team), as well as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic champions Madlen Radukanova, Boryana Kalein, Simona Dyankova, Laura Traats and Erika Zafirova.

All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be donated to the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation and the Agricultural Academy, in support of their activities. The calendar will be available for purchase in all branches and offices of Fibank starting from December 6, at a price of BGN 10. It was printed on 100% recycled paper without elemental chlorine or heavy metals and with a neutral pH, in line with the bank's long-term commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development.

"We feel proud that by our message in this charity calendar we could support the idea of sustainable development by supporting the research for preservation of Bulgarian varieties. We thank our partners from Fibank who for yet another year helped the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics make its Olympic dream come true!” said Iliana Raeva, President of the BRGF.

Златко Стоянов

Златко е Мениджър „Корпоративни комуникации”, като се присъединява към екипа на Fibank през 2011 г. в дирекция "Методология". Автор е на статии в корпоративния вестник Fibank NEWS, отразяващи един по-приемлив поглед към сложната банкова терминология. Следи развитието на регулациите и тяхното отражение в дейността на банките. Очаквайте от него разработки, посветени на новостите в банковата сфера.