Fibank (First Investment Bank) has successfully implemented voice menus in some of its ATMs to help blind people withdraw money from them. The service is available on 60 devices of the bank located in key locations in major cities. The innovation is in line with the best global banking practices to facilitate the use of everyday banking by the visually impaired.

ATMs provide audio instructions so that people who cannot read the menus can operate the machine without assistance, by only using the numeric keypad below the screen. Information is provided via a headset (customer owned) which is plugged into a socket on the front of the device. Each transaction step is explained, allowing the visually impaired to fully utilize the ATMs. Fibank's long-term goal is that every new ATM has this functionality.

A similar trend is observed in highly developed countries, where ATMs for the blind are being installed by major international banks such as Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada and others. You can find a full list of such ATMs owned by Fibank here.

Златко Стоянов

Златко е Мениджър „Корпоративни комуникации”, като се присъединява към екипа на Fibank през 2011 г. в дирекция "Методология". Автор е на статии в корпоративния вестник Fibank NEWS, отразяващи един по-приемлив поглед към сложната банкова терминология. Следи развитието на регулациите и тяхното отражение в дейността на банките. Очаквайте от него разработки, посветени на новостите в банковата сфера.