With regard to measures taken by European and national institutions to encourage banks to continue their financing activities and provide the necessary support to households and businesses experiencing temporary difficulties, Fibank (First Investment Bank) will allow its customers to defer payments on loans if they themselves or their business are affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

The option will be available to all Fibank customers, individuals or legal entities, that experience temporary financial difficulties in making their payments to the Bank. This includes consumer, mortgage and housing loans, as well as loans to micro-enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, corporate loans, as well as payments on individual and business credit cards.

First Investment Bank will also allow its borrowers to apply for increase of their credit card limits, as well as for longer and more flexible repayment plans, should they need such assistance.

Customers may request deferral of their loan payments by calling their loan officer, or the Bank's contact center (phone: * 22 65).

Persons who are not yet customers of Fibank may also take advantage of our consumer loan and credit card offers by applying fully online at: https://credit.fibank.bg/, and https://cards.fibank.bg/

„We hope that our proposal will help customers and industries that already have been, or may be affected by cash shortages due to the spread of the coronavirus worldwide. We also seek to addresses the potential threats that any family business in Bulgaria may experience. We invite all our customers to make the most of the MyFibank mobile app. They should also use the Bank’s contact center as preferred way of communication and make contactless payments at commercial outlets as part of their personal protection measures against the spread of the virus,“ said Mr. Nikola Bakalov, Executive Director and Board Member of First Investment Bank.