Diners Club Bulgaria, jointly with Fibank, has launched the Evolve credit card: a new generation product combining the best features of two global brands – Diners Club International and Mastercard®. The Evolve product offers twice as many opportunities for cardholders.

Evolve is the first product to combine the two global brands, incorporating the convenience and security of a credit card, club membership, and new technologies. Evolve cardholders can enjoy all the functionalities of Diners Club International and Mastercard® without having to remember multiple PINs, or keep track of different limits, card statements or bank accounts. Evolve cardholders may choose which of the two brands – Diners Club® or Mastercard® – to use when making a payment.

Apart from the card itself, product users also receive a number of privileges such as: complimentary access to over 800 airport lounges worldwide; participation in the Diners Club Bulgaria cashback program featuring refund of 1% of the amount spent; participation in all award programs, including the Mastercard Priceless Cities program offering exclusive discounts and experiences; concierge personal assistant and services; free travel insurance abroad and numerous regional and international discount programs.

The card is issued free of charge by Diners Club Bulgaria and allows contactless payments at retail outlets in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as secure online payments using a one-time 3D password. Evolve credit card applicants may select between three varieties: MasterCard Classic, Diners Club - Mastercard First Lady Pink, or Diners Club - Mastercard First Lady Red.

The new Evolve credit card was presented at a specially organized event attended by Mrs. Vanya Manova - Mastercard Manager for Bulgaria and Macedonia, Mrs. Sevdalina Vassileva - Executive Director and Member of the Management Board of Fibank (First Investment Bank) and Mr. Simeon Iliev - Executive Director of Diners Club Bulgaria.


"First Investment Bank has once again strengthened its position as a financial innovation leader on the Bulgarian market. I believe that by combining the services offered by two global brands such as Diners Club International and Mastercard®, we will be able to provide an even better consumer experience for our clients," said Mrs. Sevdalina Vassileva, Executive Director of Fibank.